A man who'll feed me wine straight from his mouth

that's what I want. Fuck your dating apps


your Tinders, Bumbles and Happns

fuck these endless robotic profiles


"I like travelling sports and good food" who doesn't

fuck them and not in the good way


I do not want someone who's "just a regular guy

looking for his partner in crime" when he's never


approached anything criminal especially not

carpark sex on a Sunday night 


A man with tarmac burns scarring his knees

that's what I want, a man who knows where to bite 


so it stays ripe for days, who'll lick

my armpit slurping in my scent


A man who isn't afraid to use two dildos at once

that's what I want, who checks at every step


are you ok? while taking me apart

A man who asks me what I want

and if I answer, to drown in pleasure

shipwrecks me every time.




You are writing a script and you worry 

you have put too much of real life in it.

Then you think, whatever, he deserves it, the asshole.

He is the type that is too proud to sue.

Outside is too hot to think and inside

you are sleepy with lack of sex.

What you need is not coffee but love

to jolt you into being but that's a hard row

to hoe, the relying on other people.

On the assholes. Get back to work darling,


go build a temple on the ruins of his reputation.


Morning After


A crow is cawing outside and in the bed 

someone is laughing.

We tell ourselves it is just sex 

so we can fill our bodies to the brim. 

Come round tonight?

Flipping the coin until we get the right answer.

It is our arms that betray us, 

heavy as brass until the letting go.