this month by Ninja Bottanie 

Hello my dear reader. Ninja Botanie here, your devoted star reader. 


This month’s horoscopes are especially for all those without a fixed abode. This one’s for you, hobos. You’re welcome.



The alignment of three major planets this month is a powerful symbol of new encounters and adventures. For the single hobos out there, expect an encounter with a tall handsome stranger that will sweep you off your feet; for those already getting to know a new romantic partner – it’s you who holds the cards and it’ll be up to you whether you want to carry on with this person or not.


This month has a journey in store for you. This could be in the form of a mini getaway in the sunshine, a weekend in the countryside, or a relaxing hike from the 19eme to the 12eme. I sense some impatience in these impulsive new beginnings, but a larger reward that will play out.



A controversial social event will have you in two minds this month. But expect an unexpected romantic encounter - this will harken to what was happening for you in the first part of November and represents a furtherance of blessings that tried to find you at that time.


This full moon has a certain isolated quality to it this month – and yet I sense a lot of social, talkative energy: relax and be yourself, accept all those seasonal invitations. Go to that Saturday night party and let your inner dancing queen shine bright.


The family-oriented part of the sky tells me that a relative will reach out for your help and advice about marital issues on December 15th, the day on which Venus will speak in harmony with Saturn over a mug of hot cocoa. In many ways, I see this as a time of culmination and realisation.


Health is very important to you this month. Be sure to keep up with those brisk walks, and consider going vegan. If there’s something you really want to unfold, you may find yourself in a situation in which have to assert yourself. But try to just relax for once, Capricorn - let the good things find you!


The first half of this month will see some tension with a work colleague. Play it cool and try to listen to what they have to say – patience is a virtue, and you may need it to overcome the intensity that could lead you to say too much about your personal life.




As the superior star sign, you’re going to be faced with a difficult decision this month. Remember to speak to the overall energy of this month and remain mindful about the daily routine, being present in every moment. If you manage to keep your cool, a promotion might be on the cards.





Lady luck is smiling down on you thanks to the moon in Venus rising loaf. Expect to see a Christmas bonus, a new career break, or a new baby animal friend. Just know that the bigger blessings are there for you this month, around the same time the temperature will drop drastically.




If the grind of city life is getting you down, why not take a day trip to a nature reserve or local stately home ? Take this as an opportunity to learn a little more about yourself, and take ownership for the direction in which you want to go.


Don’t worry if you suffer a reversal of fortune this month, you’ll be right back on track after that promotion in the office! Jupiter tells me that this is a time of karmic reward for you after a short period of inner restlessness.