this month by Nina Bitchin

JUNE 2017

Ever wondered what the stars have in store for your hobbit alter-egos? Wonder no further: Nina Bitchin has consulted with some stars.


Mars, the planet of bloodshed, means that war will not favourable for you this month: Battle of the five armies is nigh, but you only have two. 


Venus moves carefully into Aries signalling the month for romance for the Pisces hobbit: it’s feet-grooming time.



The Virgo hobnob has plenty to say this month. Expect to be more charming and charismatic than usual. Unfortunately, no one will notice because you’re on a dangerous solo quest – annoying.



The shift of communication planet Mercury into the Spikycrap constellation means that you should make an effort to be heard by your colleagues this month. You might not be ‘The’ Hobbit, but you still exist.



This month, the Taurus hobbit will be more focused on their personal goals and upward ambitions.



Happy Solar return, Gemini hobbit. Social relationships will be adversely affected by Mercury and Jupiter: expect orcward conversations. [ohhhh].


Hello Capricornish. Not a great outlook at work also means that cracks might start to show in the Fellowship. Fill them with gold, celebrate their imperfect beauty, and watch Japanese animé.


Expect to make a spiritual journey on the full moon. Follow the river Loudwater south to Tharbad, cross the Misty mountains, and never come back because you’re a liability to yourself and to others.




As the superior hobbit starsign, expect many adventures again; The fall of Sauron is not nigh and we must resist wizards gone wrong by subjecting them to the same maleficia propositis distinguuntur laws as everyone else. Play your part by saying ‘no’ to everything. 





A lunar eclipse in Leo means that you will be great support for a friend in need this month: just give him a ring.




The Cancer halfling’s career prospects are not looking great this month. However, you may benefit from a discussion group, somehow. 


You have to be flexible in your attitude to accomplish your marketing objectives in June: if you do so, sales will be at an all-time high. Expect unexpected help from billboard Baggins.

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