Lucy is a woman wild and free.  She comes from a mad-magical-maze of a family who has called Kenya home for over four generations.  She currently lives in Australia after nomadically wandering three continents by herself for two decades.  By day, she is a management consultant passionate about creating happy healthy teams in order to solve complex problems for her clients.  By night, she is fully immersed in an array of creative activity.  Her spirit’s sanctuary is the process of creating poetry, music and art.  Dissolving duality into oneness is her mission.  Freeing herself and all sentient beings from the bondage of attachment is her purpose.   Approaching everything from a place of joy and acceptance is her mantra.

Imagining The Magic Rabbit

Ears on high


Alert and

full of sensory

sense. Sensing

it is all just a game

of chaos. 

See her leap.

Graceful as a 

mermaid in full flight

through the slip-stream

of waves

basked in 

golden pastel sunrise light.

​Splish - - -

Splash - - -


not a drop

out of place. The rabbit

moves towards

the vastness

where nothing ends and

emptiness begins


unafraid of unknown unknowns

unknowingly unpacking

undulations of a

universe made

in the image of itself.


Infinite possibilities of

multiple variants

that rabbit is.

Just as infinite non-variations

of that same rabbit

lie nestled in in the corners of

that very same universe.


Mermaids twitch their

tails and wonder

why it is that rabbits

are a given but they are a

myth of magic yet

unknown to most.


Twitch that Splash right

back to now.

Stop the meanderings

of variants multiplying? It's impossible.


Creation multiplicity
is a thing and
the singularity curdled by
a rubix cube and 
multiplied by infinity 
bends the universe 
to your will.




"Mad" you say.


I say, "try it on".


Slip into your tail

and splish that
into whatever 

cube of the rubix you so wish
to twitch in 
and lie in wonderment, 
how you got there.

Wondering what water went
which way?


Watching that damn rabbit
magically materialise 
in every movement you make.


Are you scared?


Are you full of fear or
Are you full of love?


The rabbit is just your own
absurd god inside the 
very twitch of your tail.




so the mermaid song won't save you from yourself 
you twitching tower of neurosis.

To join their ranks you must first see the top 
of the magic rabbit's ears.


I'm all out of ideas 
for you.

You have to figure it out

Remember Dr. Iguana's 
caution that no known telescope in

or on this earth
is powerful enough
to catch a glimpse of
those magic


So go figure.


Maybe faith in mermaids 
is easier sugar to swallow.


Your tail twitching you towards the

twinkling talismans in