He sees me

In the corner of his eye

A head full of bad ideas

Staring at my hands


Did he see the explosion?

Simulation of a mushroom cloud

Blowing through my brain

Littering the surrounds

What a sense of humour

Let them flounder

Too many macabre possibilities

Glued to the faces

Of my fellow passengers

Rain, where are you now?

You dress the sky each morning

 But tonight

When I need a drop

To wash away this frightful mess

I find the air starch dry

Bar one or two meagre tears

I laid in the grass




This love is madness

I've left you more times

Than I can remember

And it's not just because

I seem to have early onset dementia

Driving through

guttural moans

I self-consciously review

As well executed

on cue

I fall apart

I feel like Cate Blanchett

In that movie where she has red hair

and mascara stained cheeks

And I wonder if my face looks like that

but less poised obviously

Crying and driving

Should be illegal

But the fine

Should be a consensual group hug


We have helpfully enacted

The exact definition

Of an on-off relationship

You tell your friends you love me

But do you tell them

How the appearance

 Of three creases beside your eyelids

Makes you more handsome

Than a Persian cat

How your grin

Is a missile

That disarms me

Releasing a percussive orchestra

Of dopamine

Into by bloodstream



When did you arrive

And why didn't I realise

I'd adopted you?

It must have been

Somewhere in between

Your hands down my pants

And you attempting to drag

My limp-limbed body, catatonic

With laughter

Through the garden...


Are we heroes or villains

In this story?

And whose story is it anyway?


I'm not good at exit strategies

I can't just replace you

Like they did Rick

On the Bold and the Beautiful

And pretend everything is fine

This dimension

Is more slippery


Is where we begin

And end


My fingers rolling gently through your hair

I let go,

And glimpses of magic

Taunt me