Original poem in French - Translated by the Wedgie editors.


          For Alejandra Pizarnik, Argentine poet (1936-1972).


Dance, you loner

pull the pig’s tail

of things colourful

a small pungent rose

blind lamp

emaciated bat

cremation of pink lisping weather 

In startled culottes

that lick crown bite

the silver paper

and there: the lilac flower

a giant alphabet

the wind, the accomplice



with a stick of pink chalk

on a bed of dry leaves

a puppy’s skull

outliving the living

in a stick of chalk 

the microbial adventure

an ant on your foot


Girl say something

say spill your blood

on the black rocks

the red is alive

and has survived the wounds

open in the blood


Open the yellow notebook

tell us about a Russian forest

and the snowmen

brought here in order to please

at this stage she concedes

ice under the knife

the pond full of fish

in the depths of reason


Buried under the ice 

in the place where the tree stands

measure amongst foliage

the weight of the tree rooted

like a clematis of yellow times

carved in the tree 


Turn your sail

under the land site of an idea

the tunnel is in song

in the garden in the evening

in her turns the sail

circles round in your weakness

made for crying

whilst spinning an idea 


And the enormous wasps

concealing under the arcades 

of astonishment and death

foreign to the idea

of sky embryos

poplars under the sail


A page wrapped 

in global instruction

moves eye to water

the triangulate garden

orange blossom

saturated in the bees

grasping under the waist 

like fragment of yellow times


The premises are sowed 

lost in the zone

light in the open air

of corolla in bleach

color the same zone

by the open squares.


Marie de Quatrebarbes lives and works in Paris. She has published a few poetry collections and a novel, John Wayne is under my bed (cipM, 2018).  Her latest poetry collection Voguer was published by P.O.L in 2019. She has led numerous translation and publishing projects and has been the co-editor of the magazine "La tête et les cornes" since 2014.