Performance poet and raconteur Tina Sederholm is an intermittent idealist, reluctant feminist and recovering workaholic. A veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe, she has written and performed three one-woman shows on subjects ranging from food fascism and the compulsion to be good, to how to make friends with money without jumping into bed with it. Her latest show, Everything Wrong With You is Beautiful, is based on her latest collection of the same name, recently published by Burning Eye.




The best lies are told in photographs

especially those found in a dusty shoebox

bound up with brittle sellotape.


Stubborn, snapped off fragments

of that holiday, those birthdays.

You recognise the interlocking arms,


the dress your father bought you,

the smile you thought hid your crooked teeth.

Yet when your gaze meets familiar eyes,


you are hit by vertigo, as they return strands

of an unrecorded memory, one that snakes down

to the cleft beneath your left shoulder blade


and nestles there, long after the box is put back

amongst ticket stubs, Grandma’s napkin rings,

the unwanted Christmas gifts.







I will be a woman who borrows

other women’s stories about children.

I will only have myself to blame

for nights without sleep.


I will sit quietly on a girls’ night out

contemplating my freedoms and losses;

no bullying, failed exams or lost shoes

for me to handle.


I will be a member of a group

of marvellous women, who happen

not to have babies. Who are

the end of the line.


Still, the world carries on.

It weaves around me, vibrant

with a thousand more

urgent worries than this;


a thread left hanging loose

when the great tapestry was sewn.