homunculus, within

we have spent a long time

without talking. quiet

through cold mornings

wrapped in night’s sin,

the ebbing of the stars

and lips that complicate it


so much time spent

tracing the dust

on the window glass,

or the waters lapping

at ears, at arms. these aren’t

either of our ears

these arms, taking

strength are neither.

the kiss of the moon -

the clasp of the sun

touch of another

day becomes twilight

twilight becomes early morning

the distance between

ear to ear,







I can get out of bed

At 5:03am.

I could go to work

I could buy a coffee

(soy, with no sugar)

and sip it till I’m awake.

Could make money,

For money’s own sake.

I could write that email

to my boss, and say hello

to a friend.

I could walk a road

till I found the dead end.

I could steal a thousand dollars

Run away somewhere

a thief and a lawyer,

that’d be some pair.

Like dad said

Could become a soldier

Could pretend I

could be a person

just to take an order.

I could be a painter,

waking up to trace

a thousand different faces

in a new and beautiful place.

I think I could figure out

how to buy and sell the stocks

could learn the value

of this or that fucking rock.

Plants are pretty,

so maybe a botanist

with Latin lining

another and another list,

poisons and potions

the ins and outs

of different smelling lotions.

I guess I could study

maybe be a doctor

maybe a diplomat

maybe a politician.

I could say fuck it all,

I’ll just be an astronaut

I could ride a rocket

to the edge of my thoughts.

And there

I could ride comets

free the stars

steal the moon

rule the waves

travel round the world

and break it in two

one piece to me,

one piece to you.

But, I don’t think I will.

Never one to kill

Never one to broker

Never saw a plant

I’d like to fuss over;

Not really a painter,

Could never make anyone

Less fainter.

Couldn’t get the hang

Of any pretty thing

Never was one for riding

Or stealing, or hiding

bits of this or that

Or taking worlds

and growing fat.

Could never give someone


never really wanted to

Not that much of a fool.

Sure, it might seem cool

But I’m in bed now,

so let me sleep.

So, I think, at 5:03am

I’ll stay where I am,

Roll over and hug you,

And go back to sleep.


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